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Zac Efron has been in the hearts of thousands of teenage girls over the years. His hairstyle has also gone through numerous haircuts and has evolved tremendously from his time as a teenage heart throb. From a cute bob to a more mature ivy league hairstyle, Zac Efron has continued to awe his fans and the paparazzi with fresh new looks each time. Here’s a peek on some of Zac Efron’s hottest hairstyles!

#1: Zac Efron’s Boyish Bob hairstyle

This is Zac Efron’s signature hairstyle from his High School Musical days. It’s more of a boyish bob with a long fringe that falls over his forehead. Great style to attract screaming teenagers, but not a haircut to grow up with.
zac efron boy haircut

#2: Zac Efron’s Long Side Fringe

Zac’s next era was the improved long side fringe. All that’s needed was to keep the front of his hair long and thick, then comb it to the side.
zac efron long side fringe

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#3: Zac Efron’s Side Parting Hairstyle

As he grows up, Zac Efron sports a more mature and classic look with a side parting hairstyle. This imparts greater seriousness probably so that people will take him seriously.
zac efron side parting

#4: Zac Efron’s Messy Hairstyle

Later on, he messed up his hair a little and adopted a more of a messy hairstyle look. This gave him a more of a casual and laid back look
zac efron messy hairstyle

#5: Zac Efron’s Ivy League Hairstyle

This is one of his more professional-looking hairstyles that goes well with his suits and ties.
zac efron ivy league hairstyle

#6: Zac Efron’s Thick and brushed up hair

His thick hair is evidently leveraged on with this hairstyle. Lots of hairspray or gel was probably used in this hairstyle. The long thick front is brushed up and set to stand. Looks quite cool too.
zac efron brushed up hairstyle

#7: Zac Efron’s Quiff Haircut

Probably a modeling haircut, here he styles his hair into a quiff haircut, which could come across quite cheesy.
Zac Efron Quiff Hair cut

#8: Zac Efron’s Spiky Haircut

Finally, he has another cool haircut, which is quite typical of other male celebrities. Paired with his stubby beard, this helps infusing some age into his looks.

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