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The world has constantly been awed by Taylor Swift’s stunning good looks. Obviously, her many hairstyles has also been a contributor to her success. From curly locks during her teenage days, to a stunning diva with long straight blonde hair, Taylor Swift changes her hairstyle and her looks easily to fit any occasion. Want a hairstyle like Taylor Swift’s? Check out the top 10 Taylor Swift Hairstyles below and be awed.

#1: Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyle

Looking innocent in a simple braided hairstyle, this was how Taylor looked at at the beginning of career as a budding young celebrity.

#2: Taylor Swift’s Burst of Curls

This hairstyle made Taylor Swift popular when she first launched her self-titled album back in 2006. Lots of small curls swept to the side at the front, this hairstyle suited her well when she was more of a country singer.
taylor swift curly hairstyle

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#3: Taylor Swift’s Small curls with hot red lipstick

Taylor had a slight makeover with tighter small curls coupled with the introduction of her hot red lipstick in this modeling shot.
taylor swift springy curly hairstyle

#4: Taylor Swift’s Wavy Hair

Ditching her curls, Taylor opted for a straight and wavy combination look for her light blond hair. The curling iron was only used at the ends of her hair, while the sides and top were left as they were. taylor swift wavy hairstyle

#5: Taylor Swift’s Side Ponytail

As she attended various photos shoots and functions, Taylor’s hairstyle adapted well to the occasion and she altered her hairstyles in her favor. Here, her side ponytail loosely set in place with a fancy clip is just the right hairstyle to match her gorgeous outfit.
taylor swift side ponytail

#6: Taylor Swift’s 30s Finger Wave Hairstyle

Here, Taylor looks stunning in a hairstyle that seems to be influenced by the vintage 30s. With her hair parted at the side and the hair cropped short, she seems to be made for this look!
taylor swift finger waves hairstyle

#7: Taylor Swift’s medium straight haircut

This look with the short glitzy outfit and the straight layered long tresses is sure to turn heads. Well, as she’s expected to win at the America Music Awards, she sure needs to look her best. Even without her signature red lipstick, she still looks a stunner!
taylor swift layered medium hairstyle

#8: Taylor Swift’s Bun Hairstyle

Another look for another America Music Awards, Taylor’s bun hairstyle makes her look prim and proper, and even sweet!
taylor swift bun hairstyle

#9: Taylor Swift’s Straight Long Hair

This is considered back to basics for Taylor Swift. Her straight long hair is a far cry from the sultry curls, the sexy layered hairstyles or even the prim and proper bun hairstyles!
taylor swift straight hairstyle

#10: Taylor Swift’s Trendy Red Tour Hairstyle

Despite all the good looks that she has, the numerous hairstyle variations Taylor has put on, she is now sprouting back to her wavy curly medium blond hair. This is evident in the RED tours that she’s been going on over the past year.
taylor swift red tour hairstyle

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