round face

4 Awesome Hairstyles to complement round face shapes

Have you ever yearned for a hairstyle that would complement your round face? The fact is, not everyone has an oval-shaped outline. What you need is to know which hairstyles match your face best, and stick with those.

First things first – your hairstyle needs to highlight your full cheeks, but not make them look fuller. You’ll need to have long straight hairstyles or short bob hairstyles with sharp edges.  This will help your round face seem longer and sharper on the outline.

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Long Hairstyles For Round Face

Long Layered Hair Styles Cool Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces . Resolution of this pictures : 349×434 with file size : 36148 byte. Short Hairstyles For Thin Hair | Short Hairstyles 2012 for Men & Women . Resolution of this pictures : 400×429 with file size : 14997 byte

Hairstyles For Round Faces1 220×300 Long Hairstyles For Round Faces . Resolution of this pictures : 315×428 with file size : 80055 byte

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