finger wave hairstyle

5 Hot Summer Hairstyles for 2014

It’s the Spring / Summer season for 2014 and we are looking at the latest hairstyle trends for this year! It’s a great time to consider a new look with a funky new hairstyle. What we need to do is to look at the celebrities and the catwalk for some serious inspiration!

1) Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle is back with a vengeance. The bob in fashion this year is the slick and wet bob. Run oil through your hair and set it with hairspray. Another variation is the tapered » ...Click to continue

1920s hairstyles for today’s women

Ever wanted to sport a 1920s hairstyle, probably after watching great movies such as The Great Gatsby? Well, having a vintage hairstyle such as the following photos, will surely make heads turn.

The best thing is, these hairstyles such as the Flapper hairstyle with the finger wave hairstyle isn’t that difficult to create anyway. All you need is to some time, creativity, the right hairpin and definitely the right outfit.

Check out the following 20s hairstyles for some inspiration!

4 of the most distinct 20s hairstyles

With the popularity of recent blockbusters such as The Great Gatsby, there has been considerable interest in the 20s hairstyles. Flapper hairstyles seem to be unusually attractive and fashionable looks to be used for proms and special occasions. Let’s take a look at some examples of these 20s hairstyles.

The wavy side fringe is excellent for heart shaped faces longing to create that 20s look when combined with the right 20s attire.