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5 Great Black Hairstyles that are Short and Sweet

If you are black with natural hair, then short black hairstyles are right up your alley. The good news is that with the current black celebrities with trendy black hairstyles, you can’t help but be inspired with new short black hairstyle ideas every day!

From bob hairstyles, to short layered cuts, to large curls set neatly or accessorised with a hair clip, short black hairstyles today are extending beyond the boundaries of just natural afro haircuts. Read on and discover what we can learn from Janet Jackson, Rihanna and more! » ...Click to continue

Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts have always been in trend for women. They are naturally easier to manage and does not take too much time to style. However, once you have a short hairstyle, you may have lesser choices in terms of variation and styling designs. Longer hair tend to be more flexible in terms of your styling options, but maybe take a slightly longer time to tie, setup and style.

Therefore, with a short haircut, you first need to decide which hairstyle would fit the shape of your face. Not all short » ...Click to continue