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If you have short hair and wonder if that’s a styling drawback for your prom night, stop worrying now! Did you know that with the right ideas and inspiration, you CAN look your best even with short hair?

If you think about it, there’s just so many things you can do with your hair. For those with a bob hairstyle, pick up your curling iron and start looking different with a curly bob instead! Or you can color or highlight your hair for a different look. Still not convinced? How about getting a funky or glittery hair accessory to spice things up? Or you can even trim your bob to a layered style and make a grand entrance!

#1: Sassy Short Curls for a Sassy Prom

This is exactly what it means to turn a regular bob into large curls, and top it up with a nice hair clip to accessorise. Use lots of hair spray to set the curls in place.

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#2:Get inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Don’t you think that this short curly style reminds you of Marilyn Monroe? Perhaps her style was the inspiration. For this style to work well, you need to have medium length hair that will shorten once you curl it.

#3:Try Jessica Alba’s Straight Bob

Jessica Alba’s girl-next-door look with a down-to-earth short straight bob hairstyle is simple and attractive. This is great match for a sunny personality!
short prom hairstyle jessica alba

#4: Use Flowers to accessorise

Flowers impart a sense of femininity to the wearer and if you have a matching flowery outfit and short hair, this is the awesome for your prom.

#5: A trendy short layered cut like Victoria

Follow the trendsetters such as Victoria Beckham with this short layered hairstyle with razor edges. This goes will with a trendy outfit or even something sexy!
short crop prom hairstyle

#6: An even shorter close crop with layers and fringe

Brunettes will look fabulous with this close crop set well with layers and a nice fringe that barely touches the eyebrows.
short close crop hairstyle

#7: Fringeless bob with a funky hair clip

Heads will turn and crowds will complement when they see this bob variation with a really beautiful hair clip on the forehead. It doesn’t look out of place, even if its supposed to.
No fringe short bob with hairclip

#8: Blonde bob with an ornamental hair piece

Sometimes, all it takes to style short hair for proms is just the right ornament. If you already have a beautiful bob, use hair spray to set it right and highlight it with an accessory that matches your gown. That’s it!

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