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Hairstyles are as important as water is to our skin. If you don’t change your style at least as often as you change your wardrobe, you run the hazard of being considered dull and boring. Short haircuts are the new fashion statement that transcend age and race. More people than ever are gravitating towards this particular style. Typically, the average person likes to follow trendsetters; and most of the time, these trendsetters will be celebrities. Most of us try to follow almost everything about them, including hair styles. So now its up to us to “upgrade” ourselves to fit this recent trend. Feel and love the difference, and enjoy the fresh new wave making a big splash in the sea of ‘hairdom’.

1. Miley Cyrus’s Trendsetter Hairstyle

We all know that Miley Cyrus don’t satisfy herself with old trends; she is now sporting this gorgeous new hair style which is now widely followed and is becoming a trendsetter to a new wave of celebrity wannabes.
Miley Cyrus Short Colored haircut

2. Keira Knightley’s Short and Funky Hair

British Hollywood actress Keira Knightley tells us that she likes to keep her hair short and funky; it gives her a new look which is very appealing; she says it also adds strength to her hair and makes it easier for her to manage.
keira knightley short and funky hair

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3. Fiery and Dashing Short Hairstyle

A stylish and charming short haircut on this blonde model gives her a feiry dashing look which can turn things around in the right way, and this style is followed by many now.
short blond and layered hairstyle

4. Short, feminine and curly hairstyle

Very feminine and simple-looking Hollywood actress caught with her new short hair style, which wows everybody into commenting that she looks even better now.
feminine and short curly hairstyle

5. Carey Mulligan’s short and sweet new look

Famous Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan has now come out with a short-looking style for her upcoming movie, which she believes will get her even more fame in the world of glitz and glamor.
carey mulligan short layered haircut

6. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Classic Short & Curly Haircut

Cool, casual with curly wings and a nice wavy strands of gold hair gives Sarah Jessica Parker the look a celebrity needs.
sarah jessica parker's short and curly locks

7. Elegant, short and small dark curls

Elegant and ravishingly attractive, bushy-style short hair with nice irregular strands of hair make us wonder whether she’s naughty or nice!
short black small curls

8. Stylish straight short haircut

Stunningly stylish model with a short hairstyle that is swept aside, giving her the strange, magical power to attract attention wherever she goes.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013 are the Best Styles for Your Great Look . Resolution of this pictures : 374×496 with file size : 61471 byte.

9. Princess-style short hairstyle parted at the sides

This model with cute and princess-style short and curly hair neatly pinned and combed sideways is sure to catch anyone’s eye.
20s vintage short hairstyle picture
1920 Hairstyles on 1950s Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair . Resolution of this pictures : 360×450 with file size : 25401 byte

10. Trendsetting short blond haircut

Blonde wearing a simple but very attractive short hairstyle, neatly twisted aside into a trendsetting look.

short hairstyles2 Short Hairstyles for Everyday Wear . Resolution of this pictures : 320×306 with file size : 15070 byte


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