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4 Elegant Braid Hairstyles for weddings and proms

Getting your hair braided may be an awesome idea, especially when your wedding or prom outfit goes really well with a braid. Another consideration would be the theme of your wedding – Country or Garden themed weddings usually work well the braids, and even a flower or head band are great hair accessories. Long ponytail braids are great for day-time or garden weddings, while you can still get away with a braid updo for a city or a modern themed wedding reception.

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4 Glamorous Braided Hairstyles for any occasion

Braided Hairstyles are now in trend for 2014 and there are just so many types of braids you can do with your long hair. Of course, the type of braid design you choose really depends on the occasion you are going for. For weddings or proms, you can spend a little more time braiding your hair to match your outfit, while you’ll probably take 10 minutes to braid your hair for your daily dose of work. Take your pick from these 4 glamorous braid ideas!

How to look stunning in Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor Cut Hairstyles originated in Japan and Asia where the razor’s edge was originally used to cut hair. Razors are great at creating angles against the side of the face, and are suitable for medium to course textured hair. Use razor cutting methods on a nice bob hairstyle for movement and volume. What’s more, razor hairstyles help create that modern city look, or even used to create a punk or party hairstyle too.

More importantly, razor cut hairstyles are easy to maintain, but probably requires a skilled and experienced hairstylist » ...Click to continue

4 Trendy Everyday Braiding Hairstyles

Ever felt like getting a braiding hairstyle just to make a fashion statement? Have you always thought that Braiding Hairstyles may be more for the conservatives? On the contrary, braids are in trend in 2014, with many avant-garde fashion designers getting their models to match braids with their outfits. The beauty of braiding hairstyles is that there are just so many variations to work with, from ponytail braids to the braided crown.

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4 Short Pixie Hairstyles to bring out the best in you

One of the most alluring short hairstyles is the pixie hairstyle. Made popular during the days of Audrey Hepburn, pixie hairstyles have since then maintained popularity through the decades. Indeed, this haircut suits those with oval or long shaped faces best as it helps to bring out the feminine facial features as well. In fact, while styling options are definitely more limited than long hairstyles, pixie haircuts can also be accessorised with a headband, earrings or a fancy hair clip.

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6 of the Most Outstanding Short Blonde Hairstyles

If you have blonde hair, then you are blessed with the ability to highlight your blonde hair into multiple variation of blonde hair color, AND many options in trendy short blonde hairstyles. Without a doubt, short hair can come in different lengths, from tapered shaved blonde hairstyles, to the medium bob hairstyle that can be accessorised in many ways.

If you have natural curls or wavy hair, the bob will also work really well for you, as long as you set it right with the right hairspray, or define your » ...Click to continue

5 Elegant Braid Prom Hairstyles

Everyone wants to look their best at prom, and having a beautiful hairstyle would sometimes be thought off as the icing on the top of the cake. If you have long hair, then perhaps one of the best ways to look elegantly beautiful would be to braid it. You can either have a braided updo in a funkiest braiding style, or put on a classic ponytail braid. Check out the braid ideas here for some serious inspiration!

Unique Prom Hairstyles

Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair 2012 | Trend Fashion Design 2012 . unique prom hairstyles

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Best Prom Hairstyles

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4 of the most Elegant Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

The greatest day of your life is here – your prom night! Now, other than your beautiful prom dress, you’ll need to find the best prom hairstyle to match. It doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, there are loads of options for you when it comes to prom hairstyles. All you need to do is to first find out what your face shape is and shortlist a few possible prom hairstyles.

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