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Korean Women Hairstyles

One of the trendsetters in Asian hairstyles is the Korean hairstyles. Beauty and a youthful appearance are of utmost importance to Korean women. Thus, hairstyles are taken into great consideration as part of the beauty regime. Hair color is also commonly seen amongst common women, in an effort to be visible and unique.

Plastic surgery and makeup are also important elements of a women’s beauty package. Without the right hairstyles, Korean women won’t be able to look their best. Thus, they look to their celebrities to set the direction and » ...Click to continue

5 Hot Summer Hairstyles for 2014

It’s the Spring / Summer season for 2014 and we are looking at the latest hairstyle trends for this year! It’s a great time to consider a new look with a funky new hairstyle. What we need to do is to look at the celebrities and the catwalk for some serious inspiration!

1) Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle is back with a vengeance. The bob in fashion this year is the slick and wet bob. Run oil through your hair and set it with hairspray. Another variation is the tapered » ...Click to continue

5 Stylish Fringe Hairstyles that will surely make heads turn

The fringe of your hair has an important part to play in the overall effects of your new hairstyle. If done right, your fringe will complement the shape of your face and positively bring out your facial features. However, if you style your fringe the wrong way, it will wreck the overall look that you intended to create.

There are many variations to the fringe and it’s not just that tuft of hair on top of your eyes. It really depends on how your fringe will enhance your looks, » ...Click to continue

Get sultry and sexy with Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long Blonde Hairstyles have always been in fashion. Regardless whether you have curly, straight or even frizzy hair, there is sure to be a hairstyle that will fit you. In general, long blonde hairstyles are suited for those with a round-shaped face, oval or square. However, those with round face shapes should avoid hairstyles with too much volume at the sides, so as to avoid looking rounder. The best hairstyle for round faces would be long and straight.

With long blonde locks and a sexy look, this hairstyle is sure » ...Click to continue

3 of the most elegant Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles have always found their way to helping women to look glamorous and refined. However, there are many ways you can create an updo or a bun with your hair. Some elegant updo start with being braids, pinned and twirled at the back to form a bun. With the right steps, these updos are easy to make and can be done on your own with the elastic bands and a hair pin.

You can even decorate your updo hairstyle with some flowers for that formal look, perfect or weddings » ...Click to continue

Different Braiding Styles for Weddings

Wedding braids are very in right now, and the amount of braid possibilities makes them practical for every bride!  You can put your braid in any variety of styles and cater your locks to best highlight your beauty on the big day. Check out these 8 styles for a glimpse of all of the wonderful looks that you can pull off with braids at your wedding.

1. Braided Crown

This style is a great use of braids both for women with long hair and those with shorter hair. A great » ...Click to continue

4 Awesome Hairstyles to complement round face shapes

Have you ever yearned for a hairstyle that would complement your round face? The fact is, not everyone has an oval-shaped outline. What you need is to know which hairstyles match your face best, and stick with those.

First things first – your hairstyle needs to highlight your full cheeks, but not make them look fuller. You’ll need to have long straight hairstyles or short bob hairstyles with sharp edges.  This will help your round face seem longer and sharper on the outline.

Avoid hairstyles that are extremely short especially » ...Click to continue

Make a fashion statement with Party Hairstyles for Women

Going for a night out with your buddies and wanna look awesome? Deciding which party hairstyle to have of your weekend night out doesn’t have to be a chore. First, you’ll need to check out the party hairstyles below for some serious inspiration on the latest trends!

Next, you’ll need to decide if you have the time (and to some extent money), to make that change. At some point, you can either style or accessorise your hair differently, OR have a completely new hair cut that will make its » ...Click to continue

4 Fabulous Ideas for Long Curly Hairstyles

Are you looking for great long curly hairstyles which you can set up for a party? Or are you just bored with long and straight, and are seeking inspiration for a change? Check out these trendy long curls and get ready to long fabulous!

Long and curly can also be in a frizzy hairstyle. After making your curls, add great volume and a blast with lots of backcombing.

5 Trendy and Cool Hairstyles for men

Who says men can’t have cool hairstyles? All they need to do is to check out their favorite celebrities and decide if spiky hair, crew cut, upright, or even long hairstyles are cool for them. Indeed, men hairstyle trends are typically set by celebrity actors, footballers or popular teen personalities. Therefore, the best way to decide on a cool haircut is to look up these hairstyles, take them to the stylist and copy them for yourself.

Check out some popular cool hairstyles for men right here!

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