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Mid Length Hairstyles are just fabulous – they are neither short nor long, but just long enough to look in fashion. What’s more, these medium length cuts come in variations, some of which you can also DIY at home.

This classic mid length haircut is great for straight and easy to manage hair. It somewhat frames the face and is easy to create just with the right hair dryer. If your hair is difficult to maintain but you still want this look, just try straightening your hair out to achieve this look.

mid length hairstyle classic

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Another variation of medium length hair is this cut with large curls, which is gorgeous and helps soften the features. Typically, large curls was influenced by the 1950s hairstyles.

mid length hairstyle wavy

One of the popular hairstyles this year is the wavy mid length hairstyle. The waves help to add volume to the hair to achieve a trendy look.

mid length wavy hair

If you are up for a shaggy medium hairstyle, then check out this layered shaggy hairstyle with long bangs. This helps to achieve that tousled hair look.

mid length shaggy hair

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