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There is nothing more disastrous than picking the wrong hairstyle for your face. You end up looking worse than you were before and probably need to wait your hair to grow out before you can try another style.

However, if you know the rules in getting the right hairstyle for your face, then you can save yourself a lot of pain and money. You can even try out a virtual hairstyle to test out your ideal hairstyle. Here are some quick pointers to get this right!

1)   Square faces

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Square faces have angular features that can be softened with fringes or curls. You won’t want to have hairstyles that emphasize your square forehead or the strong shape of your jaw. Thus, suitable hairstyles would be long straight hair, or if you prefer short hair, then a long layered bob would be good too, with longer hair lengths at the front.

Avoid bobs that are too short, or ponytails that are tied back completely. These hairstyles bring out the angular features of the face a little too much, resulting in a less favorable look.

square face shape hairstyle

2)   Oval faces

People with oval face shapes find themselves looking good with literally any hairstyle! In fact, you have a choice to highlight any part of your face – cheeks, chin or lips! If you want to highlight your cheeks, then just get your hairstylist to layer your hair around the cheek area.

Since you don’t really need to worry about the right hairstyle, what will really help you decide is really the hairstyle trend, the cost of changing your hairstyle, and one that matches your personality and lifestyle.

charlize theron oval face shaped hairstyle

3)   Round shaped faces

With a round face, you’d want to create angles with your hairstyle or use long straight hair to create a look of a longer face. Thus, side bangs or long layers are great for round shaped faces. If you are in for a shorter haircut, make sure you have layers built into to your short crop, so that you don’t end up looking more rounder than you actually are!

cameron diaz round face shaped hairstyle

4)   Long face shape

Long shaped faces need to avoid hairstyles that make the face seem even longer. Thus, long straight hairstyles are out. Choose hairstyles that help to emphasize the width of the face. Curls that add volume to the side of the face are great. Apart from that, longer bobs (at least till the jaw line) are great as these also work well to make the face appear wider.

In addition, if you like shorter hairstyles, avoid close crops that emphasize the top parts of your head.

long shaped face hairstyle

5)   Heart shaped face

If you have a heart shaped face, then your best bet would be NOT to choose styles that emphasize your forehead. Your ultimate goal would be to balance out the top-heavy feature of heard shaped face. Thus, wavy hair that adds volume to the bottom part of your face is good.

Another option would be side swept bangs that also draw attention to the side of your face and cover your wider forehead. If you have bangs or fringes, and make sure they aren’t too short too.

reese witherspoon heart shaped face shape

Virtual Hairstyles

If you are still unsure on the right hairstyle, the best way is to use a virtual hairstyle application, upload your picture and test out different hairstyles for your face.

You can see yourself in short, long, or medium hairstyles, different hair colors and also textures – wavy, straight or curly. There are 50 hair colors to choose from, and literally 9000 hairstyles you can choose from. On top of that, you can even mimic the hairstyles of your favorite celebrities and check out how you’ll look in them.

Most importantly, it usually takes quite some explaining to do to your hairstylist, but with a virtual hairstyle, you can cut to the chase and just show him the style that you want – with your face on it!

virtual hairstyler

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