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If you have short hair, you can start having some real fun styling your hair! All you need to do is to know which style suits  your face shape, and also your personality, and start styling your short hair for that night out or even your prom. Sometimes, all you really need is a little trimming, styling with hair products, curling iron or straightener and you are on your way to looking fabulous.

1) Spiky short hair 

To get this hairstyle, all you need to do is to first get your stylist to have a really close crop with the sharp texture. Then, to make your spikes more defined and to set your hair well, run mousse through your hair after washing and lift your hair up at the top and sides. Randomly tousle your hair a little to create the look that you want. Finally, use hairspray to hold the styling in place.

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spiky short hair

2) Tight short curls 

This style is a naturally popular amongst the blacks. With their natural black curls, it’s easy for them to style it so for that pompous look. All that’s needed is curling hair gel to set your curls in place and have them more defined.  tight short curls hairstyle

3) Side Swept Fringe Short Hairstyle

With the right color highlights, this hairstyle with the side swept fringe is awesome with the fringe making a strong fashion statement. All that’s needed is some styling mousse to style the hair to the side, blowdry and then use hairspray to set it in plae.

side swept short hairstyle

4) Flipped Short Hairstyle

Similar to the side swept fringe above, but with a variation, the flipped short hairstyle has a fringe that’s deliberately flipped to the top. This can be achieved by using some styling foam on the fringe after towelling dry. Part the hair to the side and then blow it with an angle to the top with a round brush. Finally, use some texture wax to create the definition on the flipped hair area.  If the flipped fringe keeps dropping, use maximum hold hairspray to keep it in place.

flipped short hairstyle

5) Banana Curls Short Hairstyle

This is a vintage hairstyle influenced by the 50s hairstyles. What you’ll need is a barrel curling iron, ideally at 3/4 inches or more, and then start curling your hair accordingly. Use a round brush to comb your hair through. To set the hair in place, use hairspray before drying and curling your hair. Depending on how large or small you want your curls to be, take about an inch of your hair and curl it around your curling iron. It’s important that you start curling your hair from the bottom and work through your hair horizontally. Then, for that random curl look, you’ll need to tousle your hair a little once you are done with the curls and set them nicely with some hairspray.

short hair banana curls

6) Jaw length bob short haircut

This is quite a common and stylish short haircut that’s also easy to achieve. For this style, it’s essential that you style your hair properly at the point of blowdrying. This can be done with a wrap technique where you take a section of your hair from your head and, using a paddle brush, wrap that section of your hair on your head as you blow dry. Remember to aim your hair dryer in the direction where your hair is being wrapped on. For the finishing touch, put on the holding spray to set your style in place.

short hair jaw length bob

7) Close layered cropped haircut

This hairstyle needs to be styled by the hairstylist, making sure the layers are properly cut. However, to style this haircut on a daily basis, apply some volumizing styling cream before blowdrying. Then, using your fingers lined with texture paste, work them through the end of your hair for that finishing texture needed.

short layered hairstyle

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