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Harry Styles from the One Direction band has had thousands of girls swooning over him over the past few years. Other than his voice, Harry also has his attractive looks to thank for his strong female base. As with most other celebrities, one of his prized possession would be his hair, and the boyish curly locks he has had.

However, over the years, Harry has also had some variations to his hair, sometimes donning a skull cap, a golf cap for the variation. As he matures, so does his hair, but one thing’s for sure, he sure is able to retain a thick mop of hair currently.

Let’s take a look at a collection of Harry Styles’ hairstyles:

30 Braids in 30 Days

1. Harry’s usual curly mop of dark hair

This is his most common hairstyle, which boasts of youth and attractiveness. This is no doubt the hairstyle that helps him melt the heart of young girls around the world. Does it look a tad messy to you?
harry styles curly hair

2. Harry Styles Pulled Back Hairstyle

Harry’s hair seems a tad windswept here, but nevertheless, it’s quite a cool hairstyle to emulate from a celebrity. This is a nice variation to his usual curls, and thick mop of hair above his head just shows how thick his hair really is.
harry styles pulled back hair

3. Harry Styles’ Boyish Look

This is Harry Styles’ attempt to make an innocent appearance. His boyish looks is certainly accentuated by his long curly locks!
harry styles boyish hairstyle

4. Harry Styles Puts on a Skull Cap

As he gains popularity, Harry also puts on different types of skull caps to cover his head. This certainly works well to add some years to his looks!
harry styles skull cap hair

5. Harry Styles with a Golf Cap

Whatever his intentions or whatever the occasion, this golf cap truly suits Harry Styles’ style. With a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, this One Direction singer is surely taking a break!
harry styles golf cap

6. Harry Styles wavy hair

With his eyes wide open, Harry is definitely posing for the camera here. His hair sure looks wavy in this photo. I wonder whether this was a selfie?
harry styles wavy hair

7. Harry Styles straight hair

Last but not least, Harry has hardly been seen with straight hair…. except for this photo. This looks much like a candid shot and this certainly seems to be the teenage Harry in the picture. harry styles straight hair

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