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Prom is here! You need a great Prom hairstyle and need some fresh ideas. You have long hair that is dying to be styled but you don’t have a clue what to do with it. You don’t really want to drastically cut those locks either. What you really need is some serious hairstyle inspiration.

One of the best ways to style your hair without cutting or trimming is to have half up half down prom hairstyles. You’ll have hair that look amazing and romantic, without burning your budget. And there are so many ways you can do this!

1) Half Up Half Down Side Fishtail Braid

30 Braids in 30 Days

This is a slightly messy hairstyle, but the cleverly done fishtail braid works well to complement the deliberate mess. All you need to do is to find a sparkly flower motive hair clip to set your hair in place at the side, and you are done!

half up half down prom side fishtail

2) Half Up Half Down Loose Pin Prom Hairstyle with Curls

Get that curling iron and start curling your locks! Then, tie them up loosely with a beautiful hair clip close to the base of your neck. This will make you the low half up half down hairstyle that will stunningly match your prom dress.
half up half down loose pin prom

3) Half Up Half Down with Rose Crown Prom Hairstyle

What a better way to have that touch of femininity, than having a crown of roses on your head. You can first set your hair back with a low half up half down hair, before placing the flowery crown on top. Match this with a feminine prom dress and it will just be so romantic! And, it’s trendy too – Flowers are in trend for 2014.

half up half down prom hairstyle with flower crown

4) Half Up Half Down Braid Prom Hairstyle

Braids are back in fashion this year, and using them to set your hair is a splendid idea. This is the opposite of the braid crown, where the braided is pinned from one side to the other at the front. For this style, instead of pinning the braid across the forehead, it’s pinned across the back of the head. Then, pin the braid to the hair to set it in place.

half up half down braid prom hairstyle

5) Half Up Half Down Side Swept Frontal

Victoria Justice’s hairstyle shows how the front hair can be swept to both sides and then tied to the back in a typical half up half down hairstyle. This is simple yet elegant. All you need is probably a golden hairclip or accessory for that finishing touch.

Half Up Half down side swept victoria justice

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