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Are you hitting 40 but you are not sure how to look younger? The fact remains that some hairstyles have the tendency to look better on others than on you. Check out these celebrity haircuts for some quick inspiration:

1)   Jennifer Lopez

jennifer straight layered hairstyle

30 Braids in 30 Days

Jennifer Lopez has probably tried and tested a wide range of hairstyles over the years. While some of her hairstyles do make her look hot, others have the tendency to make her look older than her 40 years.

Jennifer Lopez’s large curls here expand the width of her face and puts on more weight to her look. When she looks fat, she also looks much older and matronly.

jennifer lopez large curls hairstyle

On the other hand, this Jennifer Lopez’s layered and long straight hairstyle helps extend the length of her face. With this, her thinner face projects a more youthful image as well.

2)   Amy Adams

Amy Adams managed to portray a youthful Snow White in the movie “Enchanted” and she did it with long tresses. In this picture, she has put on a braided bun with her hair parted in the middle. Braids have a tendency to project a youthful image and its worked well here.

amy adams chignon hairstyle

On the other hand, in this hairstyle, Amy looks older with her hair almost completely pulled back in a chignon hairstyle.

amy adams braided hairstyle

3)   Julia Roberts

Julia has always kept her signature long layered wavy tresses with no fringe. This is probably because this hairstyle helps keep her look younger and balances off the shape of her face and her signature large smile. She may put her hair up in a beehive style once in a while, but that certainly makes her look older and more mature.

julia roberts long straight hairstyle

4)   Cate Blanchett

To me, Cate Blanchett has always managed to look older than she really is. If you review the photos below, you will notice that her hairstyles almost always reveal her high forehead. Also, there’s a tendency for her to go for large wavy curls that are a tad too short. Pageboy short crops also do not go with her as they project a larger face area.

cate blanchett curly bob

cate blanchett short bob Cate-Blanchett-curly-pulled-back-hairstyle

cate blanchett pageboy hairstyle

In the end, the best hairstyle for Cate that projects a more youthful look would be the short length layered bob, with which the sharp ends that help accentuate the right angles on her face.

cate blanchett short bob

5) Catherine-Zeta Jones

Does Catherine-Zeta Jones look better with bangs or without bangs? Her clear forehead balances well with her face shape and the long straight hair frames her oval shaped face well. On the other hand, the sharp bangs sort of hides her beautiful eyebrows and makes her face seem smaller than before. In fact, her eyes, one of the nicest features on her face is hidden under her bangs.

catherine zeta jones bangs hairstyle comparison

6)   Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has always looked amazing with long straight hair. Somehow her simple straight blonde hair makes her look youthful. However, at times, she may experiment with a variation to her looks with a completely pulled-back ponytail instead.

gwyneth paltrow pulled back ponytail hairstyle


gwyneth paltrow long straight hairstyle

This doesn’t work too well for her as she loses the softness that her long straight flowing hair brings. Her forehead and features are probably too revealing and accentuated in this style, so it’s probably best to go back with the status quo.

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