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Congratulations if you have the blessing of having thick hair! Your hairstyle options are certainly more varied, and you certainly have the fountain of youth with you. Check out the following hairstyle ideas for men like you!

This shaggy hairstyle speaks volumes towards your look and is easy to maintain too! You literally just get up in the morning and go. What’s more, this look is excellent if you have wavy or slightly curly hair.

hairstyle for men with thick hair

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If you love having a thick front and shorter crops at the side, try this look. This will definitely make the girls swoon especially when you sweep the front of your hair to the side!





hairstyles for men with thick hair


If you have a longer front that is combed back, but too long to fall flat, then this is the look you’ll get! With the slight curl at the forehead, this will really help you look like a heartthrob.


hairstyles for men with thick hair


For that mass of curls, just cropping it at sides and leaving more volume at the top and front will get you this look. You can use some gel or other hair setting products to get your curls looking more set.

hairstyles for men with thick hair


Finally, you can’t achieve this hairstyle without thick hair and styling gel and hairspray. The sides are closely cropped with sideburns, while the volume at the top is maintained and combed upwards.




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