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Long hair for men takes a different shape and texture as compared to the opposite sex. Most long men hairstyles will not have the silkiness as and volume as compared to women, but most long haired men will have “dangled” hair. Also, to maintain or style these hairstyles, much of what is needed would mainly be styling creams and probably some mousse.

For some men, a straighter long hair is preferred, so straightening irons just like the ladies’ may be used. Of course, long hair in men would typically take a much longer time to dry and thus hair dryers are used.

Check out this typical hairstyle for men with long hair is the following style donned by Hugh Jackman. There is usually no fringe in men’s hairstyle, and therefore the front section is parted to the side, while the rest of the hair dangles down at the side.

30 Braids in 30 Days

long hair men hairstyle

See how Ashton Kutcher still manages to match his long hair with a suit!

ashton kutcher long hair

Chris Hemsworth looks awesome with his long blond hair that is thinner at the bottom and at the sides.

chris hemsworth long hair

Johnny Depp has always had long hair. In this long hair men hairstyle, he maintains an unkempt look which matches his beard and moustache.

long hair johnny depp

Finally, there’s Keanu Reeves with his thick beard to match his long hair. Obviously, this is a stark difference from his “Speed” days, but having long hair also makes him look quite distinct from the rest of the male celebrities.

long hair keanu

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