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If you are fat and unsure how to make the best out of your hairstyle, look no further! There are lots of hairstyles you can try out for any occasion! One thing’s for sure, plump or fat ladies will usually have rounder faces and therefore need hairstyles or haircuts that will complement their round faces. Razor cut edges, longer hairstyles and layers are just about some of the ideas you can start of with.

#1: Long and layered just like Mariah

With her voluptuous and fuller body in recent years, Mariah still manages to pull off the best hairstyles to match her face and body shapes. One of these is this straight, long and layered tresses help give the impression of a slimmer face shape. This is excellent to go with one of her long and low cut gowns.
mariah carey fat hairstyle

#2: High ponytail like Mariah Carey

If Mariah can do it, so can you! In this hairstyle, this diva pulls back her hair all the way back and locks it with a high ponytail. The length helps to accentuate the length of her body, working in tandem with the lengthy and long gown.
mariah carey fat hairstyle ponytail

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#3: Britney Spears Fat Concert Hairstyle

With Britney Spears making a comeback, her hairstyle would surely need to flatter her new voluptuous figure. Check out her hair do here where the front of her hair is styled as a braid to pull her fringe back.
britney spears fat hairstyle

#4: Jennifer Aniston’s face framing haircut

Jennifer Aniston has seen a increase in weight recently. This face-framing straight layered hairstyle helps her to reduce the plumpness of her face. There is also no fringe on this hairstyle to reveal a wide forehead.
jennifer aniston face framing fat hairstyle

#5: Updo hairstyle for fat women

Are you going for a formal occasion and need your hair put up? Check out this way of putting up a nice looking updo that’s just perfect to go with any outfit.
updo hairstyle for fat women

#6: Short layered hairstyle with razor cut edges

If long hair is just not for you, try out this short layered hair cut that’s finished off with razor cut edges. These sharp edges help give the illusion of a sharper face shape, thus reducing the look of weight or roundness off the face.
layered haircut for fat women

#7: Curly haired plus sized diva

Do you prefer curls, but you may be plus sized? The way curls can go would be to minimise on the volume is to have smaller curls that do not expand to the sides. Check out how this diva pulls it off!
curly hairstyle for fat women

#8: Straight bob like Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is not exactly fat in the purest sense of the word, but she does have a round face shape that gives the illusion of fat. Now, what she does is to have it layered thinner at the sides of her bob hairstyle. The sharp edges help to show off a more sharper jawline.
round face hairstyle kelly clarkson

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