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Being black does not mean that you need to have a natural black hairstyle. There are many options today from coloring your hair, to straightening and even curling with a curling iron. What you truly need are some great inspiration for your hair, some sound advice and you are in for some serious hairstyle change. Check out this list for the 8 cutest Black Hairstyles.

#1: Sassy and conventional black afro style

This short style is ready for any occasion, whether for work or for play, and is relatively easy to maintain too. All you need to do is an occasional crop to keep the shape in place.

curly cute natural hairstyles 2011 . cute black hairstyles

#2: Follow Halle Berry on her ultra short layered crop

As one of the sexiest black woman celebrities, there has to be something Halle is doing right to earn that attention. If you have a face shape that’s oval, angular or long, then going for a really short layered crop like Halle will do wonders in making you look hot!
cute black hairstyle Halle Berry
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30 Braids in 30 Days

#3: Braids for the Black Modern Woman

While braided hairstyles do seem to originate from the whites, but the truth is that they are also great for the Black Modern Woman. The Braid hairband style at the front will definitely make draw attention and compliments!
cute black braided hairstyle
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#4: Rihanna’s innocent cute curls

Another celebrity we can look to for inspiration is Rihanna with her innocent and lovely curls. While she seems to change her hairstyles in a heartbeat, this is one of her more down-to-earth hairstyles.
cute black wavy curls rihanna

#5: Back to the 80s with a cute and short afro

This black afro cut was quite popular during the 80s and has now made a selective comeback. All you need to do is to crop your locks short, and take a visit to the hair salon once in a while.
short afro cute hairstyle

#6: Long Wavy Locks for the Sexy Black Woman

If you want to look a little sexy instead of just plain cute, then this is the hairstyle for you. Straighten your hair first, and then use a curling iron to make the large curls. This hairstyle will surely make an positive and sexy impact on your image.
cute black hairstyles long wavy curls

#7: Stylishly short with large earring accessories

For the daring ones, straighten your hair then crop them all off with layers just like this model. With the right face shape, this hairstyle accentuates the angles of your face and the large earrings are great in making that fashion statement.
very short crop black hairstyle

#8: Medium afro hairstyle for the bright and breezy

Look bright and breezy with this medium afro cut that’s just the right shape. It’s neither too long nor too short, and matches long or oval face shapes perfectly fine.
medium afro hairstyle

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