Short Hairstyles

7 of the Trendiest Short Prom Hairstyles

Your prom is probably the most important night of your life. Thus, just second to your prom dress would be the ideal hairstyle with all the needed elements to match your dress.

Now, most of you would have short hair and thus would wonder what styling options you have with such short tresses. However, having short hair for prom is not disadvantageous at all, and there are actually lots of styles you can work with.

Most importantly, you’ll need to understand what’s in trend this year and go with the » ...Click to continue

5 Great Black Hairstyles that are Short and Sweet

If you are black with natural hair, then short black hairstyles are right up your alley. The good news is that with the current black celebrities with trendy black hairstyles, you can’t help but be inspired with new short black hairstyle ideas every day!

From bob hairstyles, to short layered cuts, to large curls set neatly or accessorised with a hair clip, short black hairstyles today are extending beyond the boundaries of just natural afro haircuts. Read on and discover what we can learn from Janet Jackson, Rihanna and more! » ...Click to continue

Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts have always been in trend for women. They are naturally easier to manage and does not take too much time to style. However, once you have a short hairstyle, you may have lesser choices in terms of variation and styling designs. Longer hair tend to be more flexible in terms of your styling options, but maybe take a slightly longer time to tie, setup and style.

Therefore, with a short haircut, you first need to decide which hairstyle would fit the shape of your face. Not all short » ...Click to continue

7 quick and easy ways to style short hair to look your best in 2014!

If you have short hair, you can start having some real fun styling your hair! All you need to do is to know which style suits  your face shape, and also your personality, and start styling your short hair for that night out or even your prom. Sometimes, all you really need is a little trimming, styling with hair products, curling iron or straightener and you are on your way to looking fabulous.

10-minute Cute and Easy Hairstyles to start your day

Have you ever just had 5 to 10 minutes to get your hair prepped and ready for the day? Here are some quick tips for some Cute Easy Hairstyles for a different look everyday, and in the shortest time possible! Most of them just need a hair clip or bobby pins, a hair brush and some braiding or tying skills to make!

This cute easy mermaid tail braid is done by clipping two side braids together and just takes minutes to do!

A Selection of Cute and Feminine Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are you looking for cute hairstyles for short hair? While you can braid, have an updo or a ponytail, there certainly still are many styling options when it comes to short hair. With the right equipment and hairstylist, it’s easy to have a cute hairstyle that will make heads turn. What’s more, it’s possible to still look feminine even though your hair is extremely short. Also, if you’d like to accessorise, you can easily use makeup to highlight the features on your face, hair bands or even a pair of » ...Click to continue

How to look stunning in Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor Cut Hairstyles originated in Japan and Asia where the razor’s edge was originally used to cut hair. Razors are great at creating angles against the side of the face, and are suitable for medium to course textured hair. Use razor cutting methods on a nice bob hairstyle for movement and volume. What’s more, razor hairstyles help create that modern city look, or even used to create a punk or party hairstyle too.

More importantly, razor cut hairstyles are easy to maintain, but probably requires a skilled and experienced hairstylist » ...Click to continue

4 Short Pixie Hairstyles to bring out the best in you

One of the most alluring short hairstyles is the pixie hairstyle. Made popular during the days of Audrey Hepburn, pixie hairstyles have since then maintained popularity through the decades. Indeed, this haircut suits those with oval or long shaped faces best as it helps to bring out the feminine facial features as well. In fact, while styling options are definitely more limited than long hairstyles, pixie haircuts can also be accessorised with a headband, earrings or a fancy hair clip.

Here we have Anne Hathaway looking glamorous in a short » ...Click to continue

6 of the Most Outstanding Short Blonde Hairstyles

If you have blonde hair, then you are blessed with the ability to highlight your blonde hair into multiple variation of blonde hair color, AND many options in trendy short blonde hairstyles. Without a doubt, short hair can come in different lengths, from tapered shaved blonde hairstyles, to the medium bob hairstyle that can be accessorised in many ways.

If you have natural curls or wavy hair, the bob will also work really well for you, as long as you set it right with the right hairspray, or define your » ...Click to continue

8 Fabulous Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you have short hair and wonder if that’s a styling drawback for your prom night, stop worrying now! Did you know that with the right ideas and inspiration, you CAN look your best even with short hair?

If you think about it, there’s just so many things you can do with your hair. For those with a bob hairstyle, pick up your curling iron and start looking different with a curly bob instead! Or you can color or highlight your hair for a different look. Still not convinced? How » ...Click to continue

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