Celebrity Hairstyles

Hairstyles that make you look younger or older

Are you hitting 40 but you are not sure how to look younger? The fact remains that some hairstyles have the tendency to look better on others than on you. Check out these celebrity haircuts for some quick inspiration:

1)   Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has probably tried and tested a wide range of hairstyles over the years. While some of her hairstyles do make her look hot, others have the tendency to make her look older than her 40 years.

Jennifer Lopez’s large curls here expand the width » ...Click to continue

Harry Styles Hairstyles

Harry Styles from the One Direction band has had thousands of girls swooning over him over the past few years. Other than his voice, Harry also has his attractive looks to thank for his strong female base. As with most other celebrities, one of his prized possession would be his hair, and the boyish curly locks he has had.

However, over the years, Harry has also had some variations to his hair, sometimes donning a skull cap, a golf cap for the variation. As he matures, so does his hair, » ...Click to continue

Enrique Iglesias Hairstyles over the years

Enrique Iglesias has always been in the limelight since the late 90s. We have probably seen a lot of him through the years, and also some of his changes in hairstyles. One thing’s for sure, he does not seem to be one that experiments too much with different haircuts, unlike other celebrities such as Justin Timberlake or Zac Efron. However, he has seen his fair share of receding hairline but has attempted to remedy that. No one knows for sure if he’s putting on a wig, or has had hair » ...Click to continue

Is this Tyra Banks Real Hair?

Now, we all know Tyra Banks as the diva with impeccable makeup, sexy looks and trendy hairstyle. Her typical hairstyle on the Tyra Banks show is usually a medium length layered hairstyle with luscious locks and no fringe. To top it all off, auburn color highlights are applied to her hair to create that stylish look.

Top 10 Taylor Swift Hot Hairstyles

The world has constantly been awed by Taylor Swift’s stunning good looks. Obviously, her many hairstyles has also been a contributor to her success. From curly locks during her teenage days, to a stunning diva with long straight blonde hair, Taylor Swift changes her hairstyle and her looks easily to fit any occasion. Want a hairstyle like Taylor Swift’s? Check out the top 10 Taylor Swift Hairstyles below and be awed.

Zac Efron’s Hairstyles through the years

Zac Efron has been in the hearts of thousands of teenage girls over the years. His hairstyle has also gone through numerous haircuts and has evolved tremendously from his time as a teenage heart throb. From a cute bob to a more mature ivy league hairstyle, Zac Efron has continued to awe his fans and the paparazzi with fresh new looks each time. Here’s a peek on some of Zac Efron’s hottest hairstyles!

Hairstyles for men with long hair

Long hair for men takes a different shape and texture as compared to the opposite sex. Most long men hairstyles will not have the silkiness as and volume as compared to women, but most long haired men will have “dangled” hair. Also, to maintain or style these hairstyles, much of what is needed would mainly be styling creams and probably some mousse.

For some men, a straighter long hair is preferred, so straightening irons just like the ladies’ may be used. Of course, long hair in men would typically take » ...Click to continue

Hottest Celebrity Men Hairstyles

These are some of the hottest male celebrity and their hairstyles that complement their ravishingly good looks!

First off, we have Andrew Garfield and his thick hair that does not seem to need much management! He looks good even just after getting out of bed!

Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles have been followed by millions of fans over the years. From a layered straight crop to long curly tresses, Jennifer Aniston has also dumped her locks in exchange for easier to manage bobs. What’s more, she’s also put on wavy bob wigs with brown hair for her recent movie roles.

This legendary layered bob that Jennifer had cropped while she was in “Friends” was immensely popular amongst young fans.

Black Celebrity Hairstyles

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