Braided Hairstyles

Different Braiding Styles for Weddings

Wedding braids are very in right now, and the amount of braid possibilities makes them practical for every bride!  You can put your braid in any variety of styles and cater your locks to best highlight your beauty on the big day. Check out these 8 styles for a glimpse of all of the wonderful looks that you can pull off with braids at your wedding.

1. Braided Crown

This style is a great use of braids both for women with long hair and those with shorter hair. A great » ...Click to continue

5 immensely popular French Braid Hairstyles for 2014

French Braid Hairstyles have stood the test of time, and are still popular today to keep long hair neat and tidy. French braids are also classic for weddings and are excellent in projecting a regal look for the bride. There are also many variations to the french braid, and even braids that are set as an updo or accessorised with flowers. If you are in for the peasant look, you can even tease your hair a little, and pull some of the ends out to create that slightly tousled look. » ...Click to continue

Trendy and Unique Hairstyles with Braids

Hairstyles with Braids have made a comeback this year, led by the stylish hairstyles with braids by top international fashion designers. There can be many variation of braids, from high braid ponytails, pigtail ponytails, braid bun hairstyles or even braided headbands.

There are just so many things you can do with your hair, but what you seriously need is some inspiration. One of the best places to look would be at the celebrity braided hairstyles, where trendsetting braid designs are commonplace. What would be important for an “everyday” braid » ...Click to continue

4 Elegant Braid Hairstyles for weddings and proms

Getting your hair braided may be an awesome idea, especially when your wedding or prom outfit goes really well with a braid. Another consideration would be the theme of your wedding – Country or Garden themed weddings usually work well the braids, and even a flower or head band are great hair accessories. Long ponytail braids are great for day-time or garden weddings, while you can still get away with a braid updo for a city or a modern themed wedding reception.

This stunning braid hairstyle styled as a » ...Click to continue

4 Glamorous Braided Hairstyles for any occasion

Braided Hairstyles are now in trend for 2014 and there are just so many types of braids you can do with your long hair. Of course, the type of braid design you choose really depends on the occasion you are going for. For weddings or proms, you can spend a little more time braiding your hair to match your outfit, while you’ll probably take 10 minutes to braid your hair for your daily dose of work. Take your pick from these 4 glamorous braid ideas!

4 Trendy Everyday Braiding Hairstyles

Ever felt like getting a braiding hairstyle just to make a fashion statement? Have you always thought that Braiding Hairstyles may be more for the conservatives? On the contrary, braids are in trend in 2014, with many avant-garde fashion designers getting their models to match braids with their outfits. The beauty of braiding hairstyles is that there are just so many variations to work with, from ponytail braids to the braided crown.

Most importantly, the type of braids really depends on the occasion you are braiding your hair for. » ...Click to continue

Braided Prom Hairstyles

Chic Summer Braided Hair Style 2014 | prom hairstyles 2014 . braided prom hairstyles

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Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyles , Prom Hairstyles , Updo Hairstyles , Women Hairstyles . braided wedding hairstyles

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Wedding Hairstyles With Braids

New Hairstyle Magazines: 2013 Hairstyles With Braids . wedding hairstyles with braids

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Wedding Hairstyles Braids

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