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Mid length hairstyles are beautiful and can be done in many variations. Of course, before deciding on the right hairstyle for you, you probably need to understand your face shape and match the right style to your face. Now, while mid length hair is not too long, they are still relatively easy to maintain, while allowing room for styling, shaping and even accessorising. Depending on how your mid-length hairstyle was cut, you can even tie or braid it for a different look. Here we have 6 variations to help spark off some hair ideas for you!

1) Straight mid length hairstyle

The straight mid length hairstyle is probably made most popular by Jennifer Aniston . This hairstyle is most suited for square or round faces as it helps to lengthen the look of the face shape. Apart from that, the straight hair texture projects a sleek and silky look for the hair.

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straight mid length hairstyle

2) Curly mid length hairstyle

Get those small curls in to create the voluminous look! This is perfect if you have a long or oval face, as your locks help to reduce the look of length of your face while accentuating your looks. Use some hairspray or frizz to keep hair in place as much as possible.

curly mid length hairstyle

3) Wavy mid length hairstyle

Wavy mid length hairstyles are perpetually quite popular and are easy to maintain too. With your wavy locks, and that shaggy look, you don’t really need to intentionally care for your hair too much too.

wavy mid length hairstyle

4) Face Framing mid length hairstyle

Another popular mid length hairstyle is the face shaping bob. The hair layers stay lose to sides of the face, while the sharp edges help to accentuate the features of the face. This can also be combined either with a fringe or with hair parted at the center. In the following image, Brittany Murphy looks absolutely gorgeous with her face framing mid length haircut.

face framing hairstyle

5) Mid Length Bob

The bob hairstyle can grow out as a medium length hairstyle, especially when the shape of the hair still retains as a bob. This hairstyle is fairly easy to maintain as long as it’s blown dry to shape and the hair set in place with hairspray. Gwyneth Paltrow wears this style really well.

mid length bob hairstyle


6) Choppy mid length hairstyle

Choppy mid length hairstyles are excellent to show off multiple hair tone colors. Also, the choppy edges are great to accentuate your features especially when you have a round, oval or heart shaped face. Also, there can be many variations to the choppy mid length hairstyle including curly ends, parted fringes or even different types of hair texture. In the photo below, see how the ends curl out against the layers framing the face.

choppy mid length hair


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