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You have a prom coming up soon and you wonder what to do with your thin or fine hair. Well, with the right hair tips, you really have nothing to worry about! All that’s needed is really the right hairstyle or haircut to fit your hair texture. AND of course, you can creatively style your hair for that finishing touch.

1) Short Pixie Haircut

One of the best hairstyles for thin hair texture would be for a short pixie haircut. With the layers at the side, coupled with your thin hair, you will look chic and stylish. You don’t have to worry too much about too much or too little volume on your hair, as the haircut is styled properly to complement your looks. If you want to look different just for your prom, think about a kinky hair clip, a glittery head band or even flowers to accessorise. BE sure to match your accessory with your outfit. Sometimes, even earrings work well in being the perfect accessory.

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pixie haircut for thin hair

2) Bob Hairstyles

If you have thin hair and envy those with bouncy bob hairstyles with lots of hair volume, you can get a bob for yourself as well. The only modification you’d need to have is to have your bob layered at the ends, so as to project a perception of volume at the top of head.

bob hairstyle for thin hair

3) Side Swept Fringe

Another hairstyle suitable for thin hair is to have a side swept fringe option on your pixie haircut. With this fringe, you can create the illusion of volume and hide the lesser hair volume at the top, side and back of your head.

side swept fringe

4) Messy short haircut with lots of layers

This hairstyle does wonders in creating “volume” on the head. The spiky layers are worked on with hair volumizing mousse to raise your hair up. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can look deliberately messy even after you have styled it.

messy hairstyle for thin hair

5) Curly bob hairstyle

Curls also does wonders in making your hair more voluminous than it actually is. Thus, another variation to the bob for thin hair would be the curly bob hairstyle. This also looks really well on you if you have an oval shaped or long face shape.


6) Long curls or long waves

Now, if you are unwilling to part with your locks, but still would like to look different on your prom night, then why don’t you just get your hair permed to look wavy or curly for that volume effect.

curly hairstyle for thin hair

7) Layered long hairstyle for thin hair

Finally, if you don’t like curls or short hair, then you can get your hairstylist to work out a compromise on your long straight, but thin hair. One way to do this is to layer the ends of your hair to thin them out at the ends. This works really well to make the tops of your hair appear more voluminous than how it really is.

long layered hair for thin hair

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