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Shampooing hair way too often

We are often advised by hairstylists to lather up less often should we desire for healthier and shinier hair. However do not get too cozy with using dry shampoo, which contains content that weighs your hair down, leaving it feeble and lifeless.

Indeed, washing hair twice or three times weekly strips away layers of surplus and natural hair oil. Instead, make use of clarifying shampoos, once a month. These shampoos cut through dirt that milder sulfate-free shampoos can overlook and leaves hair primed to soak up the smoothing ingredients.

30 Braids in 30 Days

From the shower to the hairbrush

Hair is its most brittle when not extremely dry. The tight pull of a brush–particularly a natural-bristle one–can overstretch the hair shaft and cause breakage. A de-tangling strategy would be more preferable: Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to work through knots while your hair is coated with conditioner.

Blowing wet hair right after showering

Recall that last point? You must not be brushing super wet hair. Also, the earlier you begin blow drying, the longer your hair is subjected to damaging heat. The right time to blow dry your hair is when it’s about 50% dried.

Regardless whether you start blowing earlier or later, you will still be able to retain the shape you desire. Your hair’s pattern is set when you are taking it from only somewhat damp to dry. It’s better to squeeze out extra moisture using a towel (friction is minimized by microfiber ones –and frizz) and letting hair air dry as much as possible– up before finishing using blow dryer and a brush.

ruined hair
Not using the right brush

Natural-bristle brushes are excellent for grabbing dense hair, somewhat moist and smoothing it out within a blowout. However they create a lot of tension on damaged or fine hair. Vents brushes really are a milder alternative. Their rubber bristles as well as open backs permit dampness and air to pass through to get a more rapid blow dry.

High temperatures from dryers

Yet another warning: Excessive heat damages hair. You must keep temperatures moderate, although we are not implying you swear off it entirely. “If your blow dryer damages your scalp, it is too hot,” says Thomas. Your absolute best option would be to lower down the heat. This way, you are relying more airflow as opposed to heat to get rid of moisture.

Too much use of Flatirons

Yanking of any sort does not do your hair any favors, but it is particularly damaging when the weapon of choice is a flatiron. The mixture of heat as well as the pulling action can actually weaken your hair. Thus go gentle with your iron. And consistently, always make use of a heat protecting styler.

Overuse of styling products

Slicones discovered in spray formulas (they typically have a “cyclo” prefix) can dry out hair over time. Serums with chemicals such as dimethiconeor phenyl trimethicone are a safer bet. Keep in mind that using any type of hair serum or oil (many of which comprise more silicones than genuine oils) is a bit like happy hour: Get overly excited and you will get a big, sloppy mess on your own hands. Comb a drop–and just a drop–through moist hair before styling as usual and drying. And so long as you shampoo several times per week, do not worry about silicone build-up. It rinses out.

Putting on hair extensions too often

We are not mandating extension abstinence, however an occasional avoidance could mean the distinction between full, healthy hair and bald patches. The weaving of the extensions pull the hairline, and lace-front wigs behave practically like epilators, yanking the hair out. Over time, the hairline recedes.

Clip on extensions would be the alternative that is most tender; they are quite easy to get rid of and quite temporary. Paste-in extensions last a couple of days and stay put for a number of weeks. Both alternatives cause minimal damage whenever they are taken out correctly

Coloring your Hair way too often

You need to be able to go about 4-6 weeks between hair dyeing sessions. Should you end up wanting more regular colour upkeep–which can damage and strain hair–make several changes at home. First, prevent using styling products with alcohol, simply because it strips away dye and expedite fading. Filter your water supply to avoid minerals and chlorine, and consistently make use of a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colour-treated hair.

Overuse of Hair Relaxers

Similar to the peroxide relaxers are substances that will destroy the hair when they are not used correctly. Hair relaxers have to be performed with a specialist every four to eight weeks, according to your own hair growth. And when you decide for a touch up, the solution only needs to be applied on newly grown hair.” Some stylists apply the chemicals throughout causing breakage and eventually dryness.

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